Movie review : Hidden figures

I think we take our freedom for granted these days. We only hear about the hard times that existed earlier. We hear about the struggle, the uprising, the revolutions and we enjoy the benefits of the change brought by them. But we today cannot possibly imagine what life was like only a few decades ago. I’m of course talking about a time when racial profiling was backed by law and only the privileged had the right to the best facilities. And i being “privileged” i mean being a white man. Any other combination would bring the house down for you. In times like these three African-American women stood in the face of adversity and proved that the colour of their skin doesn’t not overshadow their brilliance.

The movie focuses on the hardships faced at work where even getting a cup of coffee or going to the bathroom can be a challenge. They highlight how difficult it was for women to get quality education, respect at work, equal pay and how things become just a little worse if the woman in question is an African-American.

Women everywhere must never forget how difficult times have been in the recent past and must not ever forget those who fought the system and brought about a change. There still are places on earth where women don’t get to enjoy the same benefits as their counterparts in neighbouring countries. While things have largely changed, there is still room for improvement.

An inspiring movie based on true events. Hidden Figures inspires you to believe in yourself and not accept things “the way they are”. A must watch for everyone.


image credits : Google image search.


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