Movie review : Badrinath ki Dulhania

This movie is stealing all the headlines and attention ever since it featured on the box office last week. We here at the brotherhood decide to see what the fuss was all about.

Right from the start the movie grabbed our attention with subtle humour with a simplistic ethnic touch. While the story of the movie is fairly common, it touches up on some important issues that need addressing. Alia Bhatt must decide between choosing to live her dreams or giving in to family pressure and getting married. She meets Varun Dhawan at a wedding and he decides right there and then that he will marry her.

The story moves at a swift pace and things go from good to great to bad and worse for Badrinath as he tries to understand why Vaidehi decided to run away from their wedding. He follows her all the way to Singapore and confronts her violently by kidnapping her first. A simple boy from a small town is driven by rage as he doesn’t understand her ambition and not wanting to get married. She explains that his household would deny her these rights to work and follow her dreams and it is only after he sees her at her work that he realises that he has been foolish all along and decides to calm down.

The song selection for this movie could be better and they sounded unnecessary and lame. That would be my only complaint from this movie. They addressed every issue they picked up on and left no questions in the plot unanswered. A justified amount of time was also spent explaining the dark sides of our patriarchal ways. Badrinath returns home heartbroken and confronts his father who had given him an order to pick her up and bring her home from wherever she was. But his eyes are open now and he doesn’t fear his father anymore. However, Vaidehi returns home just in time to see Badri verbally lay the smackdown on his evil dad.

It all ends on a happy note and another unnecessary song. We here at the brotherhood appreciate a good movie with a good message. And this does just that. Special mention about Alia Bhatt who just brightens the screen with her cute demeanour and her dazzling smile. Varun Dhawan too owned his role and delivered a strong performance. It is safe to say that the movie lives up to its hype and is definitely worth a watch.


image credits: google image search.


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