Movie review: Kong : Skull Island (2017)

Here’s the thing about this movie, if you decide to dissect the plot and try to make sense of what’s going on then I’m sure you will walk off in frustration. A very questionable story which defies logic. But anyway, we here at the brotherhood decided to switch off our minds and watch Kong for what it is, a movie about a giant.

Based around the Vietnam era, Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) and his men are asked to head out for one final mission before the troops are pulled out of Vietnam. They must provide a military escort to a team of experts and take them to Skull Island, the last piece of land on earth that has not been explored yet. All they have are satellite pictures to give them a general idea of what they are dealing with. Apparently there is a perpetual storm surrounding the island (Like the big red spot of Jupiter) so that makes it difficult to approach. But Samuel L. Jackson, being a wartime badass, decides to go for it.

They hire the services of James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) who is a tracker and worked for the British secret service. They are also joined by war photographer Mason Weaver (Brie Larson) and at this point it feels that pretty much anyone who is available and lurking in shady bars is picked up for this mission.

What follows is beyond their imagination and they find themselves face to face with Kong, the protector of the island. While the story lacks conviction, the cinematography makes you forget all that with some stunning CGI. Some of the best i have ever seen in a movie. Great camera angles, incredible effects and stunning slow motion shots. This is where the movie comes into its own. Things slowly get from bad to worse as they try to head to the extraction point located on the north end of the island. They are faced with carnivorous birds, giant buffalos, huge spiders and skull crawlers. You get the idea that Skull island isn’t a nice place to hangout, if the name hadn’t tipped you off already.

Without going much into the story and details of what happens, i would recommend an open mind and a total alienation of reasoning. The 7.1 rating on IMDb is a fair assessment in my opinion.


image credits : google image search.


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