Places to hangout : Harry’s Pub, Khan Market

Ever since Turquoise Cottage turned into a watering hole for drunk desperadoes, there seemed to be a void citywide for a good pub. And we mean a pub, not some restaurant that serves alcohol. If there is paneer masala and dal makhni on the menu, then you’re a restaurant, not a pub. It is as simple as that. A pub mostly serves finger foods and maybe pastas, thin crust pizzas, burgers and platters. It becomes clear when you notice that the menu here consists of 14 pages listing beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and just 5 pages listing out food.

The list of possibilities is endless. If you can think it, they probably have it. The service is quick, prompt and polite. The ambience too is that of a pub. Tables placed snugly to utilise every little square inch available. There is the option to sit at the bar or walk over to the smoking lounge however, they aren’t allowed to serve you alcohol there.

The choice of music played varies depending on the time of day. It isn’t the same boring 80’s rock playing always. They step it up with modern remixes during the day time and blend the tracks well to suit the ambience. Late evenings is where things usually pick up the pace and they turn the dial back to nostalgia and bring out the big hits while the beer tap flows out at maximum potential.

Getting a table isn’t particularly difficult during the day and on week nights, but it is a different party on the weekends.

The alcohol is limitless however the food menu can be a little bland. It may not be the best food you’ve had, not by a long shot but that’s the idea. It is a pub after all. It says that in the name. While they do provide a large selection, the execution isn’t the best.

But if you’re looking for a classy bar with good music, good service and a good crowd then this is the place to be. And the one in Khan Market stands out for me compared to the other pubs in the area. So much so that it even outnumbers the number of people in the coffee shop below. I always love it when coffee shops customers are outnumbered by pubs. Hanging out at a coffee shop isn’t nearly as fun as hanging out at a pub. True story.


image credits: google image search.


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