Places to visit : Elma’s (Meherchand market)

You would barely even notice it if you weren’t actually looking for it deliberately. And that is the best part. The fact that it is practically hidden and no one really knows about this particular Elma’s makes it one of the best kept secrets of Meherchand market. If you do manage to find it, you would wonder how you missed it because it is hiding in plain sight.

While Elma’s is particularly known for its desserts, we found the menu to be extensive and impressive. It caters for dining options for any time of the day. If can be the place for your hangover cure, i can be your place for a lazy afternoon, it could be your place for an evening tea, it can be your choice for a dinner date and it could also be your destination for a late night post-dinner dessert. And that’s the beauty of it. It covers everything and the food quality and service are just great. They also serve alcohol with plenty of options. This is why you can just plant yourself with a good book and spend the day here. We guarantee you will fall in love with the ambience and the exclusivity.

You can almost always be sure that you will find a table hereat any time of the day, even on weekends. And what sets this place apart is the exclusivity. It can be your own little quiet corner in a city buzzing with traffic and noise. It can be your escape from reality. It can be anything you want it to be. And all of that from a tiny little place. It’s like the platform 9 and 3 quarters to be honest. And we absolutely loved that about this place.





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