App of the week : Notebook (zoho)

The app store has a plethora of apps that let you take notes etc. Some very popular examples include evernote, microsoft one note etc. Even the default notes app in iOS and android are fairly convenient for a day to day usage. We here decided to try out a new app that surfaced on the market scene a few weeks ago. And after using it extensively, we are here to provide our review.

Now the best thing i liked about this app was the fact that you can create “notebooks” for different headers. Like having a real notebook and using different ones for different purposes under one roof. So all your notes dont just show up on the main homepage uncategorised. The homepage shows a list of the notebooks that you have created and clicking each one will show the notes it contains. Now personally, i find this very useful and a neat solution to avoid clutter. The note page contains all of the standard editing tools and gives you the ability to add pictures, text, record audio, create a sketch and add a checklist. There is no provision to add videos yet. The page you’re writing on can be of any colour you desire. Navigation around the app is fairly easy and it doesn’t take long to figure out how to go about it.

This app provides a mac support as well so as you finish making an entry into your notebook on one device and sync it easily on to the others. So you don’t have to worry about writing only on one device because inspiration can strike at any time. You can also password protect your posts and use touch ID to unlock on devices that support finger print recognition.

While other apps may have some some kind of a fee to unlock “premium” features, this app is completely free and does not hold back anything from you. I liked the simplicity and a hint of nostalgia writing in notebooks again. I’ve always found something lacking in all these note/journal apps. This one however ticks all the right boxes and provides the best experience there is.

Notebook by zoho is available on iOS and android. We would recommend that you give it a try.







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