Music : Battle symphony (Linkin Park)

Linkin Park return with a new album titled “One More Light” which should be available from May 19 onwards. The band have released two on their songs online as well. The first one featured on the band’s YouTube channel on 19th February called “Heavy” featuring Kiiara. Right away fans were quick to criticise their new experiment as the band swayed heavily away from their original sound. It created a bit of a ruckus in the comments section and Linkin Park loyalists clashed against those who had a lot to say against the new track. The lyric video has over 111k dislikes and that is something strange for a band that was practically a household name since the late 90’s and continues to stay relevant on the music scene.

The second song released 3 days ago on the 16th of March, is called “Battle Symphony” and it has fans in a bigger twist than before. Many do not understand or appreciate this new sound which can almost be classified as “pop”. Fans are both surprised and angry since this is a huge deviation from their previous album which had a heavier/metal kind of a vibe to it. During the release of the previous album, Mike Shinoda said that he didn’t like it that even rock radio stations were playing mostly mellow tracks now and that didn’t sit well with him. That’s what resulted in the heavier album last time. However this time that argument seems to have vanished. The new song has already racked up 16k dislikes and the comments are pouring in.

The lyrics sound weak and the song in general isnt particularly a good one, even if it is a surprise from Linkin Park. Had it been any other artist, I’m sure this track wouldn’t have surfaced on the horizon at all. While it is great to experiment and stretch the boundaries of creativity, a grand deviation from the band’s true sound with a lacklustre end product was bound to receive criticism.

The link to the song has been posted at the top. Give it a listen and let us know what you think as well.




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