Movie review : Life (2017)

We here in the brotherhood love space movies. There is something about the final frontier that holds up like nothing else and we stare in wonder and amazement. So when we heard about this movie called ‘Life’ coming up with a cast that included Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson, we knew we knew we were in for something good. Well…

The the movie starts resembling Gravity when you see space debris floating around at high speed, knocking out a capsule that was carrying Martian soil samples and altering its trajectory. Surprisingly, with a few minor course adjustments, the ISS is in a position to play a game of giant space catch as they attempt to grab the capsule with a robotic arm operated wirelessly. Yup, that’s the plan. And of course they manage to catch it. Because giant robotic arms are apparently built for catching space capsules moving at high speeds. Wonder who thought of that.

But anyway, the soil samples are tested in a lab and a dormant single cell life form is discovered, the first real proof of life outside our planet. Given the right cocktail of heat and glucose with altered atmospheric conditions, they manage to wake up the little fella who quickly multiplies over the course of a few days and resembles a tiny blob of white mass. Things progress well in the development of “Calvin”, as he is named by some kid in Times Square over a live feed; but an oversight causes a change in the atmospheric condition and Calvin returns to its dormant state. Every cell of Calvin performs every function, meaning every cell is a brain and an eye and a muscle. Which we acknowledge to be a nice touch.

To wake up Calvin, the ill-fated doctor decides to use electricity to jolt him back to life. But Calvin doesn’t like that. Not one bit. Now he’s awake, he’s pissed and worst of all, he’s hungry. He grabs hold of the doctors hand and turns it in to pulp. Calvin then uses the probe to puncture through the containment unit and escapes into the lab onboard the ISS. And from here on things just go from bad to worse as Calvin picks out his prey one after the other and grows in size.

The background music and the stunning CGI make for some really gripping scenes. The shots taken inside the ISS and it’s surroundings are brilliant and seamless. Calvin himself looks stunning and is shown in great detail. In one scene you can even see his blood vessels. Without going in to a lot of detail about the story life, we found it to be exciting and intense. There were some questionable moments in the film but we are willing to gloss over that. What this movie delivers is a strong dose of thrill and fear mixed with an unimaginable amount of hate for Calvin.

The ending took us by surprise and horror. My jaw dropped in all honesty.

Lets hope this never becomes a reality and if extraterrestrial life is just going to consume our insides when i think its best if we leave them alone in their dormant state. We would recommend this movie but avoid it if you can’t handle creepy crawlies and painful death.


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