TV show review : Marvel’s Iron Fist

Marvel benefits from looking at its universe through one harmonized lens. Whether that’s something deliberate from the 2000s or only came together after the success of its first film, we aren’t privy to – what we are beneficiaries of, however, is the excellent and immersive universe they have put together.

It has brought us to the point that we’re not really reviewing or judging independent pieces of content for TV or the big screen, we are immersed in the entire universe!

On to the ‘Iron Fist’ then, it serves well as another piece of the TV jigsaw, where the dark, noir ‘Jessica Jones’ and the legal eagle spin on fist fighting – cue, Daredevil; setting the stage in turn for the ‘Hood based Luke Cage. What was important about these shows was that they set the tone they did – covering varied genres and stereotypes, getting the audiences invested in the TV universe.

Which brings us to the point – is it possible to ‘rate’ or ‘review’ a Marvel TV show in isolation? IF the answer for you is a ‘No’, please stop right here and enjoy the ‘Iron Fist’ as we did.

If ‘Yes’ though, be prepared for a leap of faith as the ‘Iron Fist’ takes you on mystical journeys – not unlike ‘Dr. Strange’. There is a sub-genre at work here too – the kung-fu genre, but with several sub plots that are urban in nature. Is it all gripping stuff? Probably not, but does it hold together as a TV show? Yes! The lead characters are likeable enough with the best acting by Jessica Henwick. Her action sequences come off as the most credible too. She is the most-developed female lead across the Marvel Universe short of Jessica Jones (which is understandable, since Jessica Jones got her own show) even higher than the Black Widow – who has been in five or so movies. Can’t wait for the Defenders show to air now ! What’d be worthwhile to see is, if all the strong character development in individual shows is carried forward in the group show.

Available on Netflix

Rating – 7.5 / 10


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