5k challenge : How hard can it be?

We here at the brotherhood are all for pushing our boundaries to the limits. So when I heard that there was a race happening in our city, I decided to check it out. However to make things interesting I only had one week to prepare with a complete absence of fitness. Hence the question, one week, 5 kilometre run, how hard can it be?

The race day arrived and I quickly realised this was a different world all together. Even though the location was in a weird corner of the city, the number of people who showed up for the event was staggering. Dressed in all sorts of colours, wearing all sorts of fitness trackers, sporting all brands of wireless earphones; these people meant business and I will admit it was intimidating. But the energy that enveloped that place was something else. People started pouring in as early as 0530 and not one of them looked upset about waking up early. This was a different gathering. They seemed happier in life, they seemed cheerful, they looked great and they came ready to rumble. The energy had everyone pumped up and it was time to go.

Now let me tell you something. 5 kilometres is a long distance for someone who isn’t a runner. But the agenda for the day was to finish the 5k and not worry about the timing. There was no point in getting injured or pulling something, pushing for a better time and ending up not finishing the race altogether.

The track laid out was decent. Smooth road cordoned off to mark a 5 kilometre track with the same start and end point. Surrounded by fields on either side, the temperature was at least 2 degrees below the city.

I completed the race knowing i could do better if i had more time and more training.  Surrounded by a sense of accomplishment. While i was happy to complete my first race, i happier to get my first medal in running.And what a feeling that was. I didn’t take it off till i was back at the brotherhood headquarters, It now dangles gleefully. Surely, there will be more.

Well, this was the first fitness challenge we took. Let us know if there are more things you want us to check out and answer the question : how hard can it be?

5k race : not easy for starters, but the end result is surely worth it.


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