The Adidas Base : Chhatarpur

We’d the opportunity to participate in the ‘Legends Cup’ this past week and also check out the new adidas Base in Chhatarpur, Delhi.
The tournament itself was straightforward, with the usual gamut of corporate teams, drawn into groups of three each. What was not straightforward though was the artificial turf pitch that has recently been built at the Base. An NFL standard turf has been laid out to offer what is undoubtedly, the most complete football experience in the city. The turf itself feels true-to-touch, with easily playing as natural turf should, so even FG boots are easy to play in. There is no ‘catching’ of studs, as sometimes worn out football boots or those of inferior brands are wont to do, putting the player at risk of injury.
The electronic scoreboard and the imposing branding at the turf only adds to the atmosphere, while the completely lit pitch, a sight to behold. It is no surprise that this pitch is booked until late into the night. While it was a joy to play on, playing on it means that you have to be at a reasonable fitness and skill level, as the pace of the game and passing is quick.

What the Base could use though is a few vending machines or a decent option to procure energy drinks and foodstuff. In the near future, if we can add music to this experience, it’d be without doubt the best football destination in the country.

image credits : Google image search.


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