Movie review : Power Rangers (2017)

The big screen re-boot of the famous 90’s TV show joined the list of movies which promised to be great but failed to deliver miserably.

Everything about the movie felt haphazard and there was a general lack of flow to the story line. Things were just sort of happening on screen. I didn’t really watch the TV show back in the 90’s so i can’t really say if the teenage characters were supposed to be this confused in life and whiney about everything. Or maybe that’s a new age twist and a nod in the direction to our current sensitive youth. Either way it was extremely annoying to watch these young idiots deal with their so called “issues” and get over their ridiculous insecurities. The first half has some decent scenes and camerawork but as a whole it seemed like a complete stall. It seemed needlessly long and perhaps it wouldn’t have taken that long if these kids would just grow up and realise that their petty issues are ridiculous and they need to get their act together before some crazy lady from the past destroys the earth.

The second half promises to be better as these guys are finally able to morph into their ranger armour and they can finally summon and use the robots left behind by generations of power rangers (or something like that). The fight sequences seemed like some of the old and classic power ranger fight sequences but they end rather quickly and abruptly for a build up that takes more than an hour.

A combination of bad acting, bad casting and a bad script make this movie fail on all counts. There were bits of humour peppered in between, some of the shots were great, the fight sequences were decent but short-lived. I supposed I expected more from the movie since it took up a really big challenge. Completely avoidable.


Image credits : Google image search.


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