Movie review : A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

We’ve all struggled to answer the big questions in life. Who are we? Why are we here? and what is my purpose? In fact we don’t have answers to these questions. We aren’t even close. This movie is based on a novel by W. Bruce Cameron and talks about a dog’s opinion on what our purpose is or should be.

It covers the life of a dog and lessons learnt from each lifetime and lessons carried over to the next life. One life after another and each one more different than the previous or the next. The monologues by the dog are especially funny as her tries to understand humans and feels they are unpredictable in their behaviour. It surely has elements of adorable behaviour by the cute dogs as they struggled to adapt to their new masters in every life but they focus on one life in particular. One that has left an ever lasting impression on the dog and the owner who is still alive by the end of the dog’s 5th lifetime. Dog lovers will surely love this movie, no doubt.

From a neutral point, it seemed rather vague and unimportant. It tries to simplify things from a dog’s point of view but i guess i don’t agree with the dog. Things aren’t that simple. You can’t just “lick the one’s you love”, only dogs get to do that. There are a ton of clichés, emotional scenes and sad sappy music but if you can get past all that it is a fairly decent movie.


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