Tech review : Crossbeats Ultra wireless earphones


Originally priced at Rs 4,999 on Amazon, the Crossbeats Ultra wireless earphones are currently available for Rs 1,899. We like to get our hands on whatever is a potential option for those looking to venture into the world of wireless audio so we went ahead and ordered it online.

However, right away some really terrible issues stood out. First of all, these look really cheap and have a very cheap plastic feel to it. While the earphones are easy to wear, they tend to fall out with a little physical activity. The audio quality is decent but there is a noticeable humming sound on lower volumes. In addition, these earphones rattle and make a noise when you shake them indicating a very poor build quality. While i was trying to switch to the small sized ear tips, the speaker grill came off with all the wiring. To sum it up, i was appalled at how poor they were even for a price of 1,899.

We were lucky that amazon accepted a return request and refunded the money soon after because this would have been the worst purchase ever. We recommend that you don’t get swept away with the price tag and take our word for it when we say that these are quite possibly the worst wireless earphones available on the market. Spend a little extra money and go for something better instead. Don’t even think about these.


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